October 4, 2022

Preparing our Hearts…

Dear Friends and Intercessors,

We will not have any corporate calls this week to allow the team and the intercessors the opportunity to rest and be refreshed in the Lord.

We will resume our calls Sunday, October 9th.

There are times when it is necessary to pull away and let God refresh your mind, your heart and your soul while you immerse yourself in Him. Spend time in worship, pour over the Scriptures, and let His Divine presence consume you.

Remember, the Lord says that 2023 is the Year of Revolution, we must prepare for what lay ahead. (I shared this live August 12, 2022.) We will see a revolution in governments, the economy, and the Church. As intercessors, we will put much of our energy into the rebuilding process. It’s important to note, that rebuilding the Church is to rebuild the House of Prayer and that begins with us. 

Isaiah 56:7 says:

“Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.”

We are rebuilding the Church in this hour so that it will be identified as a House of Prayer for all people.

What is prayer?

It’s communication with our Father Which art in Heaven. This communication involves worship, praise, intercession, repentance, petitions, and even warfare.  Prayer is to be done with a heart of humility, it is a holy time, just as He is holy, for we are in His presence.

The Hebrew year 5783 just began, let us enter with a pure heart. This week in particular, during Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement involves baring our hearts before our Lord and Savior in personal repentance which prepares us for the work we will do in the coming year.

Why do we need to be identified as a House of Prayer for all people?

In the midst of difficult times, knowing there is a place you can go to find God can mean the difference between life and death. During Covid lockdowns, suicide rates skyrocketed around the world. Fear and isolation led people to unprecedented hopelessness. They needed the House of Prayer. 

This is part of the Revolution in the Church; we will become known as the Ecclesia (those called out of the world and up to God) and the House of Prayer.

We encourage you to spend this time with Him, avail yourself to the working of Holy Spirit, and we will come back together next week for our usual schedule.

We love and bless you all!

Ricci Johnson-Wilson


NO Calls October 5-7th27-30, 2022



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Access Code: 182152#

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Helps Ministry

Often people ask us how they can help. Perhaps they don’t have finances but have skills and/or time available that they want to use to serve the ministry.

Right now, our CedarWood department needs volunteers on Monday and Thursday. Monday is our CedarWood Pantry, Thursday we prepare for Monday’s Pantry. If you live in the Mountlake Terrace/Seattle region and would like to serve in this area, please contact Adam at cedarwoodpantry@gmail.com for more information.

Thank you for your involvement in the work we are doing!

We love and bless each one of you!


Joel’s Army and CedarWood Int’l 

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Joel’s Army – standing in the gap for the Nations!

I invite you to check out our Joel’s Army section. The Lord spoke to me about our Joel’s Army intercessor’s while in DC in March and I invite you to listen to that message as delivered during our Joel’s Army Day!

What is Joel’s Army? – an elite group of intercessors committed to praying for the Nation. We have a variety of opportunities for you to participate including regional prayer conferences, corporate prayer calls, and in a more personal level, applying to join a JA Prayer Cell. We added a new section dedicated to our International JA growth. Joel’s Army is a prayer school in and of itself providing extensive training depending on your time and investment. For those who join, they often consider this the most intensive, yet rewarding, education they’ve ever encountered! Our Joel’s Army Page is designed for our Joel’s Army (JA) Intercessors. Check out the Joel’s Army section for more information.  

CedarWood International – Our very own backyard mission!

CedarWood internation is our ministry outreach to those in need.  This arm of our ministry is designed to help build stronger families together. We offer BackPack Kids program, CedarWood Pantry, Ministry Outreach to the Homeless, Coats & Clothes Closet and more! Check out our CedarWood International Page for more information! 

Our goal here at World for Jesus Ministries is to help the body of Christ to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord which, in turn, will enable them to stand strong in the days ahead. These are exciting times in which we live, the better prepared we are, the more the Lord can use us to bring others into His Kingdom. 

May the Lord bless you as you grow in Him!

Ricci Wilson